We cheered to great beginnings  with our Texas "family". 2016 could not have started any better! Many thanks to Danny and Julia Grayson, Rob Dunn, Jessy Gabriel and many others for great hospitality.

My J puppies celebrated their second birthday.

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Don started his judge apprentice program in Las Vegas. He spend his days in meeting, I was enjoying the scenery.  

Jekyll was the best Valentine. He made sure no guy gets near me!

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St. Patrick's Day was celebrated appropriately. 

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We even found some Easter Bunnies this spring

I got to hang with my work gang in Seattle

Our first dog event was the Sieger Show. We decided to show Emily. She heeled to the blind and she outed (nobody had any doubts about her biting) and earned a performance award. She received SG rating in working class under SV judge Dieter Oeser. Adela stepped up and worked the entire weekend, from handling the bitework paperwork to entering show results on the website. She also participated in youth handling seminar.

Our summer vacation was just amazing. We spent few days with our friends in Austria and Ivan and I took a trip to Prague. It was time to show my child the magical city. 


J guys rocked this season.  Jekyll earned IPO1 in our spring trial. He placed V2 at Regional Conformation show. I trialed both dogs in our fall trial, Jezebel earned High IPO1 and Jekyll brought home most of the metal, High in Trial, High IPO2, Tracking and Protection. Jezebel received V2 rating at our fall show and both passed a breed survey. Adela trialed Emily for TR3 and Jesse James for AD. 

We had a puppy. Not what we planned for our kennel this year but sometimes things  just are not meant to be and I'm okay with that. We'll hope for more little ones next year. Meanwhile Maximus is growing into one very handsome, very tough and talented young man. 

Don finished his judge's program in October. He has 3 trials under his belt and many more scheduled for next year.

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Children are making me proud. Both honor students, sometimes scary, but most of the time just a joy to be around. 

Ivan had his junior prom this year and will be getting his drivers license in February. I cannot help but wonder where the sixteen years went. 

Lolita celebrated 12th Birthday. She still refuses to act like an old lady

May the next year be at least as good as the last!

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